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A Brief Guide to Make Your Greeting Cards Better

Having a unique and memorable greeting card is the wish of all providers and people who want to make greeting cards. You will have more confidence when you have a cool greeting card that will be given to someone you love. In today’s modern and digitalized era, it is very easy for you to make greeting cards. You only need to go to greeting card printing in Singapore. If you don’t have much time to go there in person, you can order it online. Choose the design you want, and wait for the greeting card to arrive at your doorstep. If you want to make one, then you need to know the following things to make your greeting card better. 

1. Pick Your Design Template. 

When you are at the printing shop to order a greeting card, you will be presented with a preset template design. There will be several options that you have to choose from. Take it easy, if you need a little adjustment, you can tell the operator to do some adjustment. Just be clear with what you want. However, if you have your own design that you want to use, then you also need to communicate it with the operator as well. They will be more than happy to help. If you don’t know what to design, you can look for some ideas online. And start designing from scratch on the various free-designing online platform. 

2. Choose A Theme 

You first need to know what event you are giving the greeting card to. If you want to give it on a birthday, then you need to choose a card with a birthday theme. Likewise, if you want to give something on big holidays or anniversaries, then you need to adjust also for that specific event. These adjustments are in terms of colour, design, writing, and more. There are many free themes on the internet that you can use if you are not sure about the design you are making. But you also need to know, the number of ideas on the internet might make you dizzy. So, having an idea in mind will help you narrow down the specific selections. As a suggestion, try to incorporate the elements you like on the card. 

3. Set Up the Design File and Decorate 

Once you know what to use on your greeting card, you can set up your file. Assuming you are using some kind of basic design application, you would need at least set it to 300 DPI for a crisp result. Also, you CMYK instead of RGB, this will ensure that the colours you see on your desktop/laptop screen will be accurate during the printing process. You also need to decorate and give a little decoration to the greeting card that you make. As a point of reference, you can include a photo of you with the person who will receive the greeting card. A personal touch will have a positive impact on how your gift will be perceived. Not just a gift, but more than that.  

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