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Acquire a Common Seal in Singapore Simply This Way

Surely, all businesses need to first go through company registration to get it legally approved by the government so that it can conduct lawful business. After getting successfully registered, there are several post-registration steps that need to be taken.

One of the things in the post-registration to-do list that is going to be discussed in this article is acquiring a common seal.

In Singapore, a company seal is not actually mandatory anymore. However, it is still considered important.

The decision of the use of a common seal to authorize and execute important documents of a company lies in the hands of a company director. These days, many company leaders still think that a common seal is important. Thus, a lot of them still make orders for their own common seal to be made.

Now, you might be wondering what steps need to be taken in order to acquire your very own common seal in Singapore? You will find it in this article.

After registering your company, you will acquire a company registration date. This is important in the making of a common seal since it will be included in the design. Now, you need to create the design of a common seal to be submitted to a printing service or a common seal manufacturer. It should at least include your company name and its registration date. The design must be kept simple and professional so that it will give the right image of propriety in each execution of a document.

Next, you can submit the desired design of your common seal to the manufacturer or printing service. Usually, it doesn’t take long for a common seal to be made. It may take only a couple days of working days. But if you are willing to pay a higher price, usually there are places that can get the job completed within a day. This is not very important unless you are in a major hurry.

A company seal is processed by the manufacturer using a laser cutting machine. This machine is able to engrave the desired design onto the surface of a plate that is to be made as a common seal. These plates are made from bronze and after going through the process of engraving the design, it needs to take an hour rest. This is important so that the bronze plate can cool down and it can be made sure that they are perfectly aligned with each other. After this, a permanent adhesive is applied on the bronze plate so that it can be attached to a metal holder of the seal. With this, a common seal is pretty much completed.

It isn’t very complicated, but it takes time to complete.

The quality of a common seal may vary from each manufacturer or printing service to each other. However, in general, they usually are of decent quality and durability. If you are unsure of how to create an order for a common seal, you can simply contact these manufacturers and get their assistance in creating it.

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