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Basic Things You Need to Know About Custom Wax Seals

Have you heard about custom sealing wax? It used to be much more popular in the past, but even in this modern era, it still exists and used by people for many purposes. Let’s get a better understanding of it and learn more about what custom wax seal is.

Sealing Wax Definition

As the name goes, sealing wax is a type of wax that is used to leave an impression by getting melted, pressed with a stamp, and let harden. The hardened wax is usually used as a seal. This was extremely popular in the past, especially for the purpose of correspondence. Nowadays, it is more common to be used as a decoration or craft. However, some people still use a wax seal for sending out physical mails also.

Back in the day, a wax seal is important because it ensures the safety of the letter as it gets transported and delivered toward the recipient. Not only that, a wax seal also holds great importance in authenticating a document. Usually, the stamp that is used to leave a mark on the melted seal before it hardens has an image that is personalized and limited to a certain group or organization.

Types of Waxes and the Differences

In general, all types of wax are made from the same material. However, they are made into different wax types that are useful for different things. The outcomes and quality may differ as well. At the very least, there are two types of wax blends. First is the traditional wax and the second is the flexible wax. The two of them differ in the look and even feel. The uses are somehow specific from each other. Let’s go further into it.

1. Traditional Sealing Wax

This usually comes in wax sticks that are shaped like a candle. It can be wick or nonwick. The traditional sealing wax has a high level of oil. If you want to get a wax seal that is easy to break upon unsealing, this is a good option for you. But due to this characteristic, this type of wax seal may not be good for mailing.

2. Flexible Sealing Wax

This type of wax is a mix of real wax and resin. Compared to the traditional sealing wax, flexible sealing wax is more flexible when pressed. This quality makes this type of sealing wax breaks less and it is compatible to use on a larger variety of surfaces, even one that is curved such as bottles or candles.

Now, you might be wondering which type of sealing wax should you choose?

Well, of course, it depends on the purpose that you have in plan for the wax. For wedding invitation decorations and things alike, it is better to use flexible wax. However, for branding and packaging, you can choose to use pre-made wax seals. You have to explore each type of wax and get familiar with them to know what kind of outcome they produce and what kind of surface they work best on.

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