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Beginner’s Guide to Wax Sealing

Back in the day where handwritten letters were the only way people can exchange mails, the Singapore wax seal stamp was very popular, as it was used to seal off people’s envelopes and ensure that their mails will stay intact until they arrive at the hands of the designated recipient.

Of course, now as time passes, technology has developed and the popularity of wax seal has declined by a lot. This is mainly due to the creation of e-mail. People now no longer need to handwrite their letters and wait for it to get delivered. Mail exchanges can happen within seconds. Moreover, it is free.

In this modern-day, the use of a wax seal is very limited. Some people enjoy wax sealing as a form of hobby or art. However, there are also some professionals in businesses who still use wax sealing if they need to send out physical correspondence. After all, a wax seal has a unique and distinct look that can not be replicated by anything else.

Where Can a Wax Seal Stamp be used?

A wax seal stamp is great for everyday correspondence if you wish. However, you can also use a wax seal stamp for product packaging, certificates, to beautify your wedding stationery, as well as various corporate letters and documents. A wax seal can definitely make these items to look better and interesting. With a wax seal, you can create a personalized look that can be easily associated with you or your brand, thus making it a positive value to consider adding for your needs. You can visit here to get the details.

How to Use Wax Seal Stamp and Sealing Wax?

The way to use a wax seal stamp and a sealing wax is quite straightforward. Although, it definitely needs practice. Generally, you need to melt down the wax and pour it onto the surface of the item you desire. Then, wait for it to slightly harden before finally giving an impression with the wax seal stamp. Once it is fully dried, you can lift up the wax seal stamp.

You have to find ways and methods that are most comfortable for you to work with. There are also many types of wax to choose from that you need to know. Doing wax sealing means a lot of trial and error. So, you shouldn’t be discouraged by every mistake you make. As they say, practice makes perfect. You have to understand the types of waxes and their characteristics so that you can be aware of ways to handle it. Not only that, but you also need to understand the various types of papers. Some of them don’t work so well with a wax seal due to their heavy wax coating. The heavy wax coating only creates difficulty for a wax seal to adhere to the surface. However, if you insist on using one of these papers, you can try using double-sided adhesive to apply the seal onto the difficult paper type. This trick can also help you in sticking wax seals onto several other tricky materials, such as wood and glass.

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