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Benefits of Flyer and How to Make a Good Design of it

One of the ways that a business can do to brand their company and advertise their product toward the target audience and prospects is by having a custom printed flyer. It is one of the easiest yet subtle and not overwhelming way of letting people know of your company and brand. It is considered important even in this technology era that a lot of businesses still use it in their conventional method of correspondence. Flyer printing in Singapore is cost-effective and simple. Its way of appearance doesn’t feel much like branding but is quite strong in creating its impact if done well. It holds several more advantages that surely can benefit your business that makes it an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. Flyers that are accompanied by a personalized flyer will be regarded as more formal and seem more professional.

A flyer can help build trust between your company and business partners. By having a flyer on your flyer, your correspondence will give the impression that it is reliable compared to the plain-looking flyer. Companies would also have their own flyer by Kiasu flyer printing and making their custom flyer design that is suitable with the flyer.

To raise the quality of your flyer, there are several things you can try.

1. Color palette

In choosing colors for your flyer, you can’t be random with it. You should decide on a color palette and commit to it, limiting your design to colors that best represent your brand and give off a strong impression. You should also choose the colors of fonts carefully. Make sure that it is contrasting well with the background so that it will appear prominent and legible so that people won’t face difficulty in trying to read what’s written.

2. Logo and details

As flyer is beneficial for raising brand awareness, you must put your company logo and contact details on it. However, be careful not to put too much information that will only make it look cramped. Only put the essentials such as company address, contact number, and company name along with the logo. Another way you can incorporate your logo without taking too much space is by making it a watermark on your paper. It gives off a hint of propriety and elegance if done right. A watermark shouldn’t be too dark nor too pale for the right impact.

3. Paper type

There are many types of paper with varying weights, color, and textures. They give off different impression depending on the design of the flyer. You must choose wisely and consider your budget as a better quality paper will, of course, cost more. It is preferable to use a premium paper in a higher quality compared to common office paper for better-looking flyer and flyer as well.

4. Finishes

Not many know but there are a number of finishes you can add as a finishing touch to your flyer. There are embossing and special cuts you can choose for your flyer to create special effect and shape. Remember to keep it simple though to maintain professionality and credibility image of your flyer.

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