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Maintain Invoice and Accounts Effectively by POS and ERP System

When you come to run a restaurant and other retail sale business in the market, it is essential to generate the invoice of the total company that helps to keep record and have an activity in your hand itself. With the help of significant software development, most of the business people well maintained and provide the best solution and support at all time. On the other hand, the software is quite easy and handle at any time, even if you are in traveling.

When you come to create an invoice, you are suggested to go with POS, which mean that Point of sale invoice for all retail sale. The POS can perform by connecting a machine to ESC data. To get the right POS system for your business user are suggested to go with the which filled with new ideas to design systems with the unique features and support. Hence it welcome by all people on using the Seenive POS Systems to create an invoice. If the machine runs with the help of the suitable POS hardware like cash drawer as well as the receipt printer, then you can quickly generate the total invoices in a straightforward method. Hope you can collect all detail within seconds

 Follow steps to maintain accounts effectively by POS:

  • Hit over invoice list option on the icon bar
  • Click over “ add” button over the toolbar and choose POS
  • Now it will open fresh invoice and find out the form with default POS application
  • Now ensure and filled out all details as per details required in the way.
  • Then click over the tab option, and ESC will assign automatically, then the cash user can go for the transaction
  • Choose a person who is submitting an invoice in the clerk field, and it remains contact for all upcoming invoices still it needs to manual changes
  • Now you will fill other details which you want to add about the sale and other things and hit a button to complete
  • Then wait for little community, until the invoice has completed and click the tender button at the bottom over the screen.
  • Now provide payment details and ensure the option of the “ receipt button hit
  • Finally, click to save option once you complete all aspects

Note. If you found that the receipt button is in the form of the grayed out, then invoice form is not yet appropriately set to POS System. Hence you need to make sure and find out a reason to fix the problem.

  • Then a user can print the receipt as per your need
  • Now you can click open the cash drawer and also click over the print option rather than receipt button to take a print out in the necessary size.

Therefore the user feels free to ensure terms and condition of Seenive company and then get the right solution for the making invoice with a mobile device at any time. As a result, it helps to do business to a high level and have full control of your mobile at any time.

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