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Print a Perfect Banner With These Simple Tips

A banner is one of the easiest and cheapest marketing and advertising media alternatives. It is quick and simple to make and it can work effectively especially if it is designed well. 

That’s why the designing step of banner production is essential. With a good design, you can better attract your target audience and create the right impression that you want on your potential customers.  

If you are a first timer in banner designing, here are some useful tips that you must remember. 

1. Think of Banner Size 

Before you start designing, you have to know the size of the banner that you want to make. The decision regarding the banner size depends on the location and availability of the material stock of the banner. Usually, there are a lot of different size options that you can choose. All you have to do is decide which one is most perfect for the designated banner location so that it can truly appeal to your target audience. If you can clearly know what size is right, you can design a banner with accurate dimensions so that you can get high quality banner in the end. 

2. Ensure Simplicity 

When it comes to banner design, minimalistic design is preferable. However, know the difference between boring and simple. A good banner design is neat and easy to read, but at the same time appealing. The layout of the banner must be arranged nicely so that people can understand the content without much effort within quick seconds. A simple design heightens the chance of effective message delivery with your banner because the readers will be able to capture the entirety of the banner without much hassle. Make sure that the design of your banner is well arranged and not cluttered; remember to leave some empty space between elements to make it less messy and preferably keep things closer to the center. 

3. High Resolution Deisgn 

If you want a high quality result, you must prepare the design in high resolution. The best resolution to work with is 300 dpi, which supports high quality banner printing. If you fail to ensure this resolution, there’s a chance that your banner will look stretched with pixelated images that don’t look attractive at all. It makes you look sloppy and unprofessional. So at all times, always make sure that you work in 300 dpi. 

4. Use the Right Color Processing 

The two most well known color processing are RGB and CMYK. Usually, design software’s default is RGB. Meanwhile, most printers these days use CMYK colors. Always make sure that you design in the same color process that you use for printing so that the shade of color you see on screen and the shade of color you get upon printing are the same. 

5. Choose a Durable Material 

Surely you want your banner to last a long time. Before you make a green light for printing, make sure you have settled on a banner material that is durable and able to withstand various conditions, especially outdoors. One of the best materials that you can choose is PVC which is perfect for outdoor banner advertising. If you wish to find out more you can visit

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