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Styles of Printing for Wedding Invitation

Some people don’t realize the great importance of a wedding invitation as a part of the whole wedding event. A wedding invitation printing can give people an idea of how your event is going to be and even influence their decision to come to your wedding. Some people judge the design of the wedding invitation printing, so you can’t really put a sloppy job when it comes to the designing and printing process of a wedding invitation.

There are a lot of important elements in the design of a wedding invitation. One of them is the appearance of text or font. You can step up the game of your wedding invitation printing and design and printing by choosing a unique printing style that can make your wedding invitation look more interesting, expensive, and elegant.

1. Digital Printing/Flat Printing

This type of printing is the one that is seen most often on a lot of wedding invitations printing. It is one of the options that is the cheapest and easiest to get because a lot of printing services can provide this type of printing. This option is the best especially if you are trying to save up money. What is really great about this type of printing is that it is quick yet it can give a smooth result that looks great on a wedding invitation. Also, you can print your wedding invitation on a lot of different types of papers using this printing style, as long as the paper can be compatible with the type of ink used.

2. Engraving

This type of printing style is quite old compared to the others, but it can give off a unique and distinct look. An inked metal plate is pressed onto the surface of the paper using a printer to leave the impression of texts. With this, you can achieve a rather conventional yet unique look.

3. Spot Color

Spot color printing can be achieved using the pretty much same method as digital printing. What makes it different from digital printing is that the number of primary colors used. A digital printing uses four primary colors. However, spot printing uses twelve primary colors. This makes spot color able to produce a wider range of colors, even ones that are exceptionally vibrant such as neon colors that can not be produced quite well with digital printing process using only four primary colors.

4. Thermography

Thermography is a mix of engraving printing style and spot color printing. Thermography uses heat and melts ink along with glue so that the ink can be engraved on the surface of the paper. The final result of texts that use thermography is shiny and glossy as well as smooth. You can imagine the texture of plastic to describe the result of this method of printing. It is still quite affordable and it creates an elegant look. However, there are only a limited amount of colors that can be produced with this method of printing, which are the twelve primary colors that are used for spot color printing.

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